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Hotel Revenue Management

The hotel product is a perishable product, where rooms that are not sold mean losses that can never be recovered.

Management of Online Travel Agencies

In LHR Consultores Hoteleros we are experts in the management of online travel agencies (OTAs), we put at your disposal all our knowledge to make this segment grow on your property.

Hotel Booking Engine

The booking engine & Channel Manager of LHR Consultores Hoteleros is a tool for reservations and online confirmations for the direct sale of services.

Who We Are

We are LHR Consultores Hoteleros a Costa Rican hotel consulting company formed by a group of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the revenue management, management of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce).

We are currently undertaking and successfully marketing both, hotel chains and independent hotels in Costa Rica and the rest of Latin America.

Our Mission:

“To the growth of our clients by analyzing and adjusting their products so they can provide the best possible service to its guests, reflecting in the business growth, always showing commitment to the daily work and offering a personalized service.”


“Improve the profitability of our customers and be the best offering consultancies for your business’ growth.”