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Social Media

Social Media

Currently social networks are a direct and effective method to publicize the hotels under the management of LHR Consultores Hoteleros, with more than 2.3 billion active users on social networks for the first quarter of 2019 and active users continues to increase with the passage of the time.

LHR Consultores Hoteleros we take care of publicizing the product of our customers on major social networks worldwide, for a more dynamic interaction between the hotel and it guests using social networks.

Our social networking management includes:

Customer service: We use social networks as a direct channel to answer questions, complaints and suggestions, in addition to campaigns of customer retention and loyalty, given that most of its customers are active users on social networks.

Positioning: Social networks are an excellent means to potentiate your brand. On this front we perform all communication regarding your brand, we launch products and advertising, ensuring the display of thousands of users worldwide at low cost.

Sales: We craft campaigns to boost sales, the promotions and discounts through social networks to literally make them available around the world.

PPC campaigns: Design, management and statistics of Facebook ads.

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