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Channel Manager

LHR Channel Manager

Maximize bookings and revenue from your online distribution channels whilst minimizing the administrative effort. Manage online sales effectively, in real time, from a single point of control. Hotels of all types and sizes – from vacation rentals, apartments and hostels to independent hotels and global chains – can benefit from the LHR Channel Manager’s broad capabilities.

Main benefits

What is it?

LHR Channel Manager offers hoteliers a single point of control for an effective, real-time management of all the hotel’s online distribution channels. It automates the management and transmission of price, restriction and availability information to OTA partners. The tool also offers analytical functions which help hoteliers make informed decisions to drive revenue and profit.

Who should use it?

Hotels of all types and sizes – from vacation rentals, apartments and hostels to independent hotels, groups and global chains – can benefit from the LHR Channel Manager’s extensive capabilities. Typical users of YP Channel Manager range from the owner, general manager or head of reception – in smaller establishments, to the dedicated revenue manager and revenue management departments in larger businesses.

Why you?

Manual management of multiple online distribution channels is time consuming, increases the risk of costly errors and results in sub-optimal revenue and profits. Intelligent automation provided by LHR Channel Manager puts you back in control of online distribution, reduces your administrative costs and effort as well as offers you insights how to optimize your strategy for maximum revenue and profits.

Key features and benefits

Vast choice of online distribution channels

Optimize your online distribution with a balanced mix of channels. With over 500 OTA, GDS and CRS already connected, more channels continuously added at a fast pace, and LHR Consultores Hoteleros on demand connectivity, you can set up your perfect distribution portfolio.

Integration with Property Management Systems

Transparently add online sales channel management to your core business application, the Property Management System. LHR Channel Manager integrates with a range of key PMS packages.

Central allotment

Maximize bookings by offering all your available rooms across all channels. The central allotment function keeps track of received bookings and cancellations to adjust the inventory accordingly. The function then transmits the updated availability to all partners.

Rule-based rate management

Define the base room type, rate plan and price rules and let LHR Channel Manager calculate all rate plans for all room types automatically. Alternatively, you can use the tool’s grid pricing system.

Price grid system

You can predefine up to 20 price scenarios with individual room and rate plan prices and assign them to grid levels. Each level can be labelled for an easy reference. The predefined grid levels can then be entered into the system using the intuitive “Update Prices Using Grid” interface.

Channel performance metrics

Evaluate the performance of each connected sales channel with real time booking and revenue data. Identify performance trends and compare channels to make adjustments and optimise your channel portfolio.

Hotel performance metrics

Understand your revenue and reservations position at a glance. See occupancy and pick-up, overall or per room type, in real time or over selected time period. Control your online visibility by monitoring your position on each channel’s web pages.

Competition data

Understand your positioning among any number of competitors you choose to track. Monitor competition’s current and forward prices, up to 90 days ahead, per room type and rate plan. See at a glance who has increased or lowered their prices, and by how much.

Affordable, commission-free pricing

Get a complete channel management solution at the right price. There are no commission fees or hidden costs with LHR Channel Manager. Competitively priced, the tool is available at a fixed yearly, quarterly or monthly subscription fee.